Stage – performers will feel home to this reasonable sized stage fitted with lights
Isolated Recording Room – custom insulated room than can fit 4-5 people recording 
Recording Control Room – fully equipped to support both recording and live performance sessions, as well as post-production mixing are all done here!

Pedal board design and construction
Band room – an exclusive area for
band to jam and practice
On-site sound supports of all kinds of events, Live performances at clients’ site,
Live streaming Sound insulations, Recording rooms design and Construction projects

Music room – teachers and students can utilize this room for music lessons or practice (from one-on-one to small groups)

Music Lessons – we provide music lessons like guitars, keyboards, piano, drums, sound recording and mixing, PA support and live productions

Guitars Repairs & Customization – we are specialized in guitars and basses where we string, set, repair, customize or build your instruments from ground-up according to your needs or likings.

Dance Practice Area ー A large mirror dance studio is provided for dancers and performers to practice and rehearse. 

Our Values

We offer a unique venue that enables sustainable learning, practising, performing and recording for both professionals and anyone who has interest in fully explore and develop their music potentials 

We support commercial events that requires professional sound support

We believe in sustainable learning and giving back, we support our community by working with selective NGOs

ICON Music started in 2018 by 2 musician friends in a humble location in SPK

Early business mostly involves individuals teaching and performance at various bars and clubs, and occasionally organized mini concerts

Beginning of 2021, we moved to the current site that offers a unique solution that enables musicians and performers to have the advantage of learning, practicing, jamming, performing and recording all in one single location, supported by experienced sound engineers and performers themselves

About Us

Session-Band Members

Chloe Wong (Vocalist)Carman (Vocalist)
Jackson Chan (Guitarist)Wing Ho (Guitarist)
Howard To (Guitarist)Fung Ng (Guitarist)
Dickson Kwok (Bassist)Him Chan (Bassist)
Mike Lam (Drummer)Lung khongyot (Drummer)


Mask Tang

A seasoned guitarist with multiple musical talents as well as an experienced music producer and composer. Since 2005, Mask has devoted himself into the music industry in Hong Kong. Over the last ten years, Mask has successfully groomed numerous young local talents, currently active as popular local band members, professional musicians, composers, and teachers.

Harry Liu

A well experienced executive who has a strong passion in developing new sustainable model for music talents and the industry

General Enquiry

(+852) 37058112
Homepage: iconmusicpro.comAddress:
Room C, 1/F., Lee Sum Factory Building, 28 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon
Office Opening Hours :
Monday – Sunday:
12pm – 9pm
(For other timeslot, please contact us for arrangement)
ICON Music Production